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Air Ducts Restoration & Cleaning

The airways are the most important natural factors affecting human health in terms that approximately 70% of people spend most of their time inside buildings and as such a course carries us the air we breathe, it is axiomatic that have impact arrogance
in our health, according to the degree of cleanliness of this course .
When you take a sample of dust within the course and examin it by the laboratory to find thousands of germs and bacteria that cause us a lot of respiratory illnesses and allergies.
The process of cleaning the airways of modern operations, one of the toughest clean-up
operations due to difficult access within the stream of frustration. Traditionally, the process of cleaning the outlet air and the filter in the place of air entry is useless in the absence of clean stream from the inside.
For these reasons and after continuous research we have innovative solutions for such operations. We use the latest technology in the process of cleaning the airway such as a robot camera-equipped camera and this device all the clean-up operations. There are other solutions we use for all types of course and we report a video about the process before and after the cleaning process.
We also examined the inside of the air temperature, humidity, amount of dust and toxic gases in the stream or the building.
Smart Solutions Cleaning use high-tech Video Inspection System is a complete package for contractors designed to effectively inspect residential and commercial duct systems, present “before and after” conditions.

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