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Spot & Stain Removal

When a consumer buys a carpet, upholstery, curtains or for that matter pretty much anything, the desire to keep it looking like new is often strong, after all, it may have been a considerable investment.
It is inevitable, however, that with the passage of time, articles such as these fall victim to unexpected events which will alter their appearance.
For carpets and upholstery such events include:

Accidental Damage

Colour Loss or Induced Change

Atmospheric chemistry
Smart Solutions Cleaning Services concern themselves mainly with the types of stains commonly identified for removal, namely spills and soil filtration. The others fall into the category of colour repair but should be understood as possible causes by the carpet and upholstery cleaning professional as conditions which cannot be addressed with stain removal techniques.

Carpet Stain Remover is used for severely soiled areas where Carpet Cleaner may not be quite enough. Its exceptional power will improve any cleaning situation by quickly emulsifying stubborn ground in dirt, grease, soot, fire damage and filtration soil on carpet, hard surfaces or even concrete driveways.
This saves on cleaning or rinsing solution creating less waste water, and reduces labor by decreasing the number of passes needed to thoroughly clean.

Through the combination of various cleaning agents, our carpet cleaners and carpet stain removers have been developed to provide rapid emulsification of soils and allow easy removal of a wide variety of carpet and fabric stains. Our carpet cleaners and carpet stain removers can be used a pre-spotters pre-sprays to improve any cleaning application. In addition, they can also be used as stand alone spot and stain removers.

These multi-purpose cleaners utilize emulsifying surfactants and wetting agents to provide all purpose cleaning and degreasing of hard and soft surfaces. The unique combination of chemical components produces rapid emulsification and allows easy removal of a wide variety of carpet and fabric stains also. They remove a variety of soils from carpet, upholstery and fabric without harming the substrate or leaving an offending odor.
Our carpet cleaners and carpet stain removers are water based formulas or water emulsifiable solvent based formulas that effectively clean dirt, grease, soot, fire damage and filtration soil on carpet hard surfaces and concrete.

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