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Water Tank Cleaning

Water storage tanks need to be periodically inspected and cleaned to help maintain good water quality in the distribution system, and to help extend the life of the tank. Regular tank inspections can also help to identify small problems that may
develop into major problems that can create health related issues, lead to costly repairs or premature tank failure. Tanks that are not periodically cleaned can cause contamination events that can harm human health or can contribute to customers’ aesthetic complaint
How often should watersystems and storage tanks be inspected and cleaned?
The inspection and cleaning interval can vary based on the type of tank and water quality. Generally, a water storage tank should be inspected at least every six month, or more often, depending on local conditions. Cleaning and repairs should be addressed based on the findings of the tank inspection. Additional inspections between maintenance intervals are encouraged
Contaminated water is the most common cause of illness to mankind including Legion Ella, E. Coli and others. Around 60% of diseases caused to humans are water-borne, with children below 5 years most susceptible.
One of the most common that leads to water contamination is through water storage tanks. The cleaning of which is either neglected or with inappropriate means, therefore careful maintenance and monitoring of water hygiene is essential.
It is a MUST to have your water tanks cleaned and disinfected at least every 6 months! All work is to be performed according to


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