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Soft Floor Covering Care

Spot & Stain Removal

When a consumer buys a carpet, upholstery, curtains or for that matter pretty much anything, the desire to keep it looking like new is often strong, after all, it may have been a considerable investment. It is inevitable, however, that with the passage of time, articles such as these fall victim to unexpected events which will alter their appearance. For carpets and

Upholstery Cleaning

SMART SOLUTIONS CLEANING has lots of Upholstery Cleaning solutions for you. We will refresh your upholstered furniture and quickly take years off of their appearance.We have thoroughly trained our cleaning technicians to know how to clean a variety of types of upholstery fabrics. We won’t treat your linen in the same way we treat suede. We don’t have a ‘one

Oriental Rugs Cleaning

At Smart Solutions Cleaning,we offer a wide variety of Rug Cleaning methods, all of which are promoted by rug manufacturers as being the safest method for their particular rug type. Our cleaning technicians have undergone extremely thorough training in cleaning different types of area rugs - from everyday wool rugs to antique oriental rugs. Oriental rug cleaning and Persian rug cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

If you’re interested in professional Carpet Cleaning, don’t simply turn to  whatever carpet cleaning coupons you’ve received in the mail. Trust the true professionals, and call SMART SOLUTIONS CLEANING TODAY. We have excellent references we’re happy to provide for you. We will discuss all home and business floor cleaning options with you, and create a plan that fits your specific needs. Most people